The Power of Pilates – Featuring Zoe-Maia Jarchevska, Founder of MAIA well co.

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Welcome to The September Issue!  We are very much looking forward the opening session of our upcoming Virtual Wellbeing Retreat…


Zoe-Maia is a highly respected Well-being Practitioner (featured and recommend in Vogue magazine of all places!) who will take us through the benefits of daily movement and in particular Pilates, to support your posture and alignment, whilst explaining how incorporating this practice into your life can promote improved flexibility, strength and a healthy, injury free body. It has been said that ‘Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit’ and for those of you who are new to this form of exercise, Zoe-Maia will host an introductory 30 minute session. As this class is perfectly suited to the home or office… all you need is a mat or towel!


For more details of how Larbey Evans can assist you with wellbeing initiatives for your firm, please contact Adele Evans – / 020 7073 7812.